First: The name of the association 

based in Saudi Society for Earth Sciences, a scientific association administratively and financially independent and oversees the work of King Saud University, based in the Department of Geology - Faculty of Science - King Saud University in Riyadh, and can establish branches in other places if necessary to do so

Second: the objectives of the association
:Saudi Society aims to Earth Sciences to achieve the following
1 - development of scientific thought in the field of the Assembly and its development
2 - achieving scientific communication to the members of the Assembly.
3 - the provision of scientific advice in the Assembly.
4 - Development of scientific and professional performance of members of the Assembly.
5 - to facilitate the exchange of scientific production, and scientific ideas in the interests of the Assembly between the relevant bodies and organizations within and outside the Kingdom.

Third: Activity Assembly:
Assembly achieved its objectives by every appropriate means, and in particular the exercise of the following aspects of the activity:
1 - to encourage research and scientific advice.
2 - authoring and translation of scientific books in the interests of the Assembly and related other areas.
3 - Conducting scientific studies to the development of applied aspects of practice.
4 - hold symposia and seminars and courses related to areas of interest in the Assembly.
5 - issuance of studies and publications and scientific journals that relate to areas of interest.
6 - Participation in local and international exhibitions.
7 - invite scholars and thinkers stakeholders to participate in the activities of the Association in accordance with the procedures governing it.
8 - organizing scientific expeditions to the members of the Assembly and the establishment of scientific competitions in the area of ​​specialization.

IV: Membership:
Organic granted by the Board of Directors and Assembly membership shall be four types:
- Honorary membership: awarded after the approval of the General Assembly of the persons and entities who provided services material or moral or contributed to the development of the field of earth sciences.


- Active Membership: granted for those who got a degree in earth sciences or other related sciences (SR 200 subscription fee per year).
C - Membership enrollment: grants for those who hold a university degree, and students in related disciplines (subscription fee 100 riyals per year).

Fifth: the Board of Directors:
Manages Assembly Board of Directors composed of a number of members not more than nine members, elected by the General Assembly by secret ballot from among the members of the Assembly, and the duration of membership in the Council for three years, renewable once, and The Board of Directors policy-making of the Assembly and presented to the General Assembly for approval. It also issues rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of the basic regulation of the Assembly.

Sixth: Chairman:
And chosen by the Board of Directors shall be held by secret ballot from among its members, for a period of three years, renewable once, and have the presidency of the Assembly.

Seventh: Assembly:
Consisting of all staff members who have paid annual dues. The Assembly holds regular meeting at a date to be determined each year. The general assembly shall have the following:
1 - to issue regulations governing the internal workings of the Assembly.
2 - Adoption of the annual budget of the Assembly.
3 - Adoption of the annual report on the activity of the Assembly prepared by the Board of Directors.
4 - Election of members of the Board of Directors.
5 - Adoption of the annual work plan provided by the Board of Directors.
6 - discuss everything set its agenda.

Eighth: Assembly resources:
Assembly resources consist of:
1 - the annual subscription fee for members.
2 - the outcome of what you sell Assembly of publications and publications.
3 - fee-up to the Assembly of seminars and training courses or programs.
 grants, donations, grants and aid provided to the Association of the 
4 -State or public or private bodies or individuals