Governor of Riyadh opens International Conference "11" of the Society of Earth Sciences

09 سبتمبر 2015

أمير الرياض يفتتح المؤتمر الدولي "11" لجمعية علوم الأرض

Governor of Riyadh Region Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz opened the "11" International Conference of the Society of Earth Sciences, hoping to find geologists "cognitive Kinshm" in Riyadh.

And it was attended by the Emir of the region the opening of the 11th International Geological Congress, organized by the Saudi Society for Earth Sciences, King Saud University ceremony, said: "Every day we hear of discoveries in our country and see scientific excellence, and this undoubtedly safely sends that our country is blessed interior and phenomenon."

He added: "This conference has several indicators and semantics First, this country has become Manar radiation in the world to serve humanity could you please be scientific files in an effective and enabled the conference."

He pointed to the high scientific competence of the participants in the conference; wishing that crowned his good luck and success.

The head of the organizing committee president of the Saudi Society for Earth Sciences, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Omari: "real and effective defended the Conference for the Advancement of Science and knowledge of developments including Sazarh of ideas and technologies in the various branches of geological sciences."

He added: "Recently the Saudi Society for Earth Sciences has launched a national pilot initiatives; the most important exploration of new water resources and promised in the Empty Quarter can be used in the future as a precaution strategic for desalination Moreover the Assembly an active role in stimulating scientific research and community service."

And Abizaid: "Society has created strong scientific links with specialized scientific centers, as well as dissemination channels prestigious imposed respected in international scientific forums, including the Arab Journal of Geological Sciences, are distributed all over the world in cooperation with the German publisher SPRINGER was listed in February 2010 within the rules of the Scientific Institute Information Global (ISI) as the first Arabic magazine specialized in geological sciences. "

He continued: "Society is seeking to achieve the objectives of the conference to excellence and keep up with the requirements of development and the harnessing of Earth Sciences to search for natural resources such as water, gas and oil, economic and metals next to what they offer this science of solutions to mitigate natural hazards."

He said: "It is necessary to activate the geological character of Applied Science paybacks due to the positive development on the wheel, especially since the local wealth and investment to rely on our natural resources is a strategic option in our time."

The President of the Organizing Committee: "the agenda of the conference includes a distinct number of theoretical and applied research will be discussed a lot of important issues that bind the various earth science development and the environment, and we look forward to significant scientific results will have an impact on the areas of Earth Sciences."

And Abizaid: "What this conference distinguishes the presence of a group of international specialists in various fields of earth sciences from universities, scientific institutions and government sectors and related companies were selected 155 research in addition to the six lectures President has characterized the working papers which have been accepted diversity and cover most of the various earth science During the 12 sessions, in addition to the geological companion exhibition was attended by many governmental bodies and institutions and national companies. "

For his part; agent said the King Saud University for Educational and Academic Affairs, Dr. Abdullah bin Salman Salman on behalf of the Rector: "University with the support and guidance of the wise leadership has taken upon itself the lead in investing the most precious source of natural wealth, a" human "and made it the most important objectives and priorities of the university upgrade the system of education and training, scientific research, applied research and service of Saudi society in particular and human society in general. "

He added: "Scientific Societies hosted by the university, which amounted to more than 50 scientific society in various disciplines is a strong tributary of scientific research it may all care and attention in recognition of its role in stimulating the movement of scientific research and the transfer of modern technologies and partnership with the private sector Fasttaat that no scientific links The strong international channels of communication. "

Abizaid "Salman": "We stress the importance of what touches him Geological Congress, in an investment of Natural Resources ground-water, oil and metals and their relationship to the environment and sustainable development, pointing to the urgent need for this scientific conferences to create a balance between reality and expectations the existence of significant challenges and increasing environmental problems and multiple risks of life-threatening humanity in the light of global efforts to accelerate the issuance of laws and regulations designed to protect the planet. "

He continued: "Everyone must deal consciously with the environment as a behavior religious and moral commitment rather than a legal obligation, man Khalifa of Allah on earth has the right to take advantage of all of nature and its resources resources on condition of extravagance and maintain them and to all components that ensures him and other organisms survive its image Originally which God created them, and if the environmental heritage of humanity concerns all peoples of the earth. "

He concluded by saying: "This scientific assembly combines study and research of the scientific and practice on the other hand is the fruit of the these associations, this important event attach it hopes to lead discussions and research and the views of the participants to explore and develop new technologies utilized in raising awareness and focus efforts to achieve sustainable development. "