Start the reception of news and articles The sixteenth issue of the Journal of Earth

26 مارس 2018

The Editorial Board of the Earth Journal of the Saudi Society for Earth Sciences is pleased to announce the start of its preparation for the preparation of the Earth Magazine No. 16, so we invite everyone who has the desire to participate in it and send the participants through the magazine page:

Or email us at

We are pleased to share with you the Arabic loot in any of the following sections:

- News

- Illuminations

- Articles

- Monitor

- Under the microscope

- Geological tourism

- Research and studies

- Rocks and minerals

- Conferences and seminars

- Geology and Education

- Geological issues


From 21/07/1438 to 01/11/1439 AH.


Terms of Publication:

1. Respect for intellectual property and publishing policies.

2. Attach images (if found within the text) to an external file to maintain accuracy.

3. The number of articles should not exceed four pages "Word"

4. Grammar safety.